Monday, September 27, 2010

Closet Visit : Clare Vivier

Today I want to show you my favorite bag designer, Clare Vivier's closet. Her closet is a small room with a beautiful back yard view. It's filled with massive vintage finds, her own handmade jewelry, and art by her son Oscar and friend "Simone Shubuck" (one of my favorite artists) and more. I really loved the idea of "closet with art" and enjoyed looking at every single little piece she collected. Clare was kind enough to show us her latest bag design, you can see it in a couple of photos. - it looks amazing. We also get a peek into her work space which I found really inspiring.

Big thanks to Clare for posing in winter coats in 95 degrees!

Click the photos for description.

Can you describe your style?
Hmm, a mix of vintage and new. I like to be interestingly classic, but there's always something a little off, I can't avoid it, I often need to alter things I wear to be personalized for me.

What is the most important thing when you design a bag?
That it is chic but simple.

Closet Visit : Clare Vivier

Who are your favorite designers/brands?
Lanvin, Phoebe Philo, Kathryn Bentley, Isabel Marant, Marni, Vanessa Bruno

What are your favorite shops?
Luxe De Ville on Sunset, Steven Alan, Le Bon Marché, APC, Merci, Comptoir des Cotonniers

Closet Visit : Clare Vivier

Describe your typical day?
Wake at 7 make breakfast and get Oscar ready for school, take him to school, hike Runyon Canyon, come home to work, work, work, until I go get Oscar from school, come home and work more 'til dinner time, put Oscar to bed and work some more. (most days)

What's something you wouldn't be caught dead wearing?
hmm, so many things, but there was a moment of absolute dread when "belly T's" were supposedly making a comeback.

Closet Visit: Clare Vivier

You go to France often.  Are there places that you check out every time you visit?
I do. It's boring, but I have my favorite shops and I have to go to them (mentioned above) also I always end up at Jardin du Palais Royal, and Cafe Charlot in the Marais.

These are all handmade by Clare

Do you have any items you've been eyeing for fall?
I wanted a leather skirt and I just got one. But I'd also love a leather jacket and some ankle pants and I haven't gotten some shoes in a while.

Closet Visit : Clare Vivier
New Clare Vivier Bag --- LOVE!!!

What other bag designers do you admire and wear?
I don't wear many other designers' bags these days - unless it's something vintage. I have a vintage Bottega that I like a lot. I admire the classic French lines for their ability to make an absolute perfect stitch and I really like Lanvin's bags right now. I adore American heritage lines, like J.W. Hulme. And I also admire Vanessa Bruno for her perseverance and her style.

Do you have any fashion guilty pleasures?


Who are your style icons?
Heather Taylor, Deb Kaplan, Simone Shubuck, Emmanuelle Alt, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Closet Visit : Clare Vivier

Can you give advice to new designers who want to start their own lines?
Don't let self-doubt get you down, just put one foot in front of the other. It's what I try to do everyday.

{Peek of her work studio}

*** Please check out more photos on my Flickr

Clare's shop, blog

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Elisabelle said...

love her closet, her style and her work space!

Jocy said...

I love this new feature ... keep 'em coming!

monika@lifemadesimple said...

Dear Jeana, I am new fan of your blog! This is a very inspriring interview and I love the photos! She is such a talented and stylish lady and I just love her work!

ellyy said...

Really curious to see what the lemon yellow bag on her work table will end up looking like!

I just love the colours and the way you've captured them here. Can't wait for more. :)

laugh & scream said...

I love this new feature on your blog! I read your blog for such a long time, but I never told you what an amazing artist you are. You have such incredible ideas. I hope you will post more of your videos in the future.

Alex said...

I want to make cool things in Clare's closet!

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silvia said...

oh my! beautiful lady, beautiful bags, and it's such an inspiration to see her studio! clare's style is impeccable. :)

amelia said...

love this new series, jeana!!

Heather Taylor said...


Various Projects said...

lots of home ideas here as well. :)
and love the pink lanvin sandals!

Jennifer said...

Round two did not disappoint!
Viva Vivier!
Beautiful, Jeana!

ramis kim said...

great to see her studio. such a great inspiration. love her handmade pom pom hair band!

elauinc said...

love this new series! can't wait to see who's next.

Whimsy Being said...

Loved this Closet Visit! I like the blending between work space, studio, and closet. Talk about one inspiring room!

montmarte said...

such a beautiful closet! i love this new closet very inspiring.

Nicole Sylianteng said...

there is a black bag of hers i am waiting to get cheaper... afraid it's wishful thinking though.

Fashionista Extraordinaire said...

Love your closet!!! Who makes the brown, clog boot!! Hotness!!!

Pretty Mommy said...

Love Clare - her style and handbags - swoon!!

jeana sohn said...

@ Fashionista Extraordinaire
clare's clog boots are marni. : )

CC Taylor said...

WoW! What an amazing closet. I love her new bag design it is now on my must have list!

elissa, ebb & flow said...

where do i start? the hat collection or the sequin coat?! i love it all!

Ariel Gordon said...

So fun to peek into the closet of some one so chic. Such a great concept!!

Anonymous said...

Jeana, THANK YOU so much. You are the best. I really enjoyed reading this post. And the last one about Heather. Great job, Jeana!!!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Clare's closet. <3

I am a little bit curious. What's in that golden bottles? A perfume (I mean edp or edt)? You don't have to answer if it is a secret.


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Clare's closet. <3

I am a little bit curious. What's in that golden bottles? A perfume (I mean edp or edt)? You don't have to answer if it is a secret.


Ginta said...

Thank you very, very, very much for feeding my voyeuristic side of personality! There are so many things I love in every photo you've posted! :)
I love Clare's bags - so simple, utilitarian and elegant! :)

EvaLotta said...

I love the Closet Visit and your blog, really enjoy reading it!

kristina - no penny for them said...

what a super closet *sigh*

great feature!

Isabelle Lafleche said...

What a fantastic feature! I love her sense of style! Sublime!

J9Hirsch said...

Her striped shirt is TDF! Who makes it?

erin / dfm said...

this new feature is STELLAR, jeana!!!!

kelsey louise said...

this blog of yours has quickly become my favorite. what a cool, cool idea. and the people you choose to profile are the best. this lady is so rad. thanks a bunch.

kendall said...

i love her sequined shirt/jacket! ive been looking for one like that everywhere, i found a similar one from leyendecker