Sunday, October 10, 2010

Closet Visit : Kathryn Bentley

Kathryn Bentley is a jewelry designer who lives and works in Echo Park in Los Angeles. Her jewelry lines Kathryn Bentley Co. and Dream Collective are all handmade by Kathryn in her home studio.

I don't know where to start; her amazing jewelry or beautiful clothes or the house or her adorable chihuahua named "Dot" or the yummy lunch she made me! LOVED it all. I've posted about Kathryn's work here a few times before and have been a serious admirer from afar. After actually meeting her I love her even more because it turns out she's super sweet and kind in addition to being super talented.

Seeing her work space really gave me a sense of how much love and effort she puts on each piece. I think they'd make lovely gifts for holidays. ; )


Describe your personal style.
I generally dress simple and classic, but always mix in an ethnic pattern and layer the jewelry. 


What's your inspiration when you design jewelry?
Recently I've been looking at navajo rugs, african textiles and tools, and Henry Moore sculpture. 

Well worn Balenciaga bag from Ebay

What made you start your jewelry line?
I went to SVA for painting and didn't know where to work when I graduated. Some friends introduced me to the jeweler Aurora Lopez... I ran her showroom for 4 years. After that I worked with Philip Crangi and Manon Von Gerkan. I learned so much from each of these designers and decided it was time to set out on my own. I started with the fine jewelry Kathryn Bentley Co. then last year started the bridge line Dream Collective.


What are your favorite places to shop?
Mohawk General, Iko Iko, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, A detacher 

Who are your favorite designers?
Apiece Apart, Rowena Sartin, Clare Vivier, Zero by Maria Cornejo, A detacher 


Can you give us smart shopping advice?
My motto always, C.P.W. cost per wear... I've worn the same Belstaff jacket from the 50s for years... It just keeps getting better with age. 


What is your most recent purchase?
Gold Repetto Ballet Flats


Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
Chambrays, striped t-shirts and gold shoes.

Do you have any items you've been eyeing for fall?
Lindsey Thornburg Cloak


What items do you splurge on?
Antique jewelry... I think of them as heirlooms to be passed on. 

Are there things you don't mind skimping on?
Hmmm, skimping... I do love a cheap canvas tote... 


Who are your style icons?
Frida Kahlo, Iris Apfel 


*See more pictures on my Flickr. (Lots more pictures of her beautiful home)

*Kathryn's tumblr

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Whimsy Being said...

Beautiful work and thoughtful questions..going to check out the outtakes right now =). i really love her muted gold jewelry pieces too!

ramis kim said...

OMG. she looks so adorable. I am in LOVE with her jewelry and her little DOG!

Anonymous said...

so beautiful. so talented.

if you're reading these comments, kathryn, could you let me know where you found that love seat in the first picture. it's just stunning!

Anonymous said...

You keep outdoing yourself, Jeanna. This is my favorite! And I think that the choice of cool, artistic women is fantastic. I love her home and style!

Anonymous said...

I'm so into all these!
Keep them coming please!

sunkentreasure said...

wauw I'm speechless!! I love her style!!

famapa said...

ok... I'm officially addicted! you've struck gold with this project jeana. luv it luv it.

now where is that lovely beige and stripy drop waist dress from (pics 10,11,18)??

jenny gordy said...

this is too good!!!

i always love this feature, but this one is my absolute favorite.

beautiful pictures, jeana!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas list just got longer! Beautiful jewelry and photography!!

Hannah said...

So cool! I am having serious closet envy right now, those highwaisted trousers = perfection.

Jennifer said...

I love her work, and her style. I think I may be the last of my girlfriends to not own any of her pieces!
Love her battered jackets, wish I could rock button- down shirts like she does, really like how she's mixed in her own pieces with Native American silver pieces.
Also- you got some killer shots of my friend Hadley's paintings in her home!

amelia said...

sighhhhh. she has BOTH pairs of bea's shoes I want! LOVEd it all though. great job, Jeana! can't wait for next up!

Caitlin said...

i feel like i'm having a heart attack, i love EVERYTHING. this is the best series, seriously a fantastic idea.

more more more please!

Mallory said...

everything is awesome, but i'm obsessed with that ?bean bag? in the first picture. i want to stitch one up for myself.

Heather Taylor said...

so special. modern day joni mitchell. love me some KB action

roberta jane said...

Great series!

Ashley said...

You just reminded me how much I want one of her pieces.

marisa said...

what good style~ and I love her succulents in the big oval container on the patio.

Michelle said...

Jeepers, I really love her stuff, and her black and white dress.

♥ Anna said...

I love this blog series to death! Thanks for all the work you do! must be so fun.



lisa fika said...

i think i'm in love!

Alex said...


stephanie renee said...

i absolutely love this series and this is definitely my favorite so far!

Cupcakewalker said...

The shots of the Balenciaga bag and the Belstaff jacket are great...and the picture of her with the many Dream Collective cuffs and necklaces and the photos with the dog are fabulous!

K said...

those yellow chairs! and the paintings above the dresser! ooh la la.

whatiwore said...

Wow, so gorgeous! I especially love the turquoise pieces.

vera said...

Where is her dress from in the first photo that's black and white? It's to die for.

Anonymous said...

love it all.. and where is that striped dress from?!

Anonymous said...

sick minutemen shirt in that stack of tee's.

Anonymous said...

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