Sunday, October 24, 2010

Closet Visit : Simone LeBlanc

I met Simone through the internet. Her awesome blog and website made me think she must have an amazing closet too. I asked her if I could shoot her closet and it was a "Yes".

Without knowing much about her, other than thinking her blog was really cool, I booked her. But then I had a chance to meet her in person at a dinner party before the shoot. She was wearing a beautiful cozy jacket with brown laced up ankle boots and Clare Vivier's red mini sac (Clare's bags are seriously taking over the world and it's a good thing). Even her sparkly little ring caught my attention. I know,, I've became a creep. I observe people's outfits and memorize. Ha.

Anyways I loved her style and her closet visit was a blast! I'm so glad I made another good friend through this project. (It's the best part of doing this series!) Many thanks to Simone for sharing her beautiful closet and making the shoot super fun and easy. xo


Tell us about Simone LeBlanc Inc.
My company offers personal styling, gifts, and creative services. I’m a creative director for my clients personal lives – this can be the simple day to day creative details, or projects of a broader scope.
My specialty is custom pieces – designing an concept and finding the right resources to make the creative vision happen. This can mean creating an illustrated family history as told through a leather bound book, to making custom shoes, to designing a significant piece of heirloom jewelry for example.

Describe your style.
romantic, a touch of classic and a bit imperfect. My favorite outfits feel right in multiple occasions.


What things in your closet are most precious to you?
My antique Ikat scarf given to be by my Mom when I turned 18. I remember her wearing it when I was a kid, and loving the repetitive pattern. It seemed mysterious. She finally let me have it when she knew I would take care of it properly. There’s a great story behind that piece as well.
My New Years gift to myself this year – a pumice colored Rick Owens leather jacket. The grey is almost a lavender color, and I love it. It was an investment, and it felt great doing that for myself.
My apc fishermans cardigan. I feel transported to foggy Point Reyes when I wear it.
I treasure the pieces that have memories and experiences associated with them.


What are your favorite place to shop?
I love well selected options, a secret score and some peace and quiet – whether I’m shopping for work or personal. Mameg, Barneys,Ten over Six, Creatures of Comfort, The Way we Wore – those spots are a pleasure to be in. I like to head out of town for vintage…

Closet Visit : Simone LeBlanc
Closet Visit : Simone LeBlanc

Who are your favorite designers?
Dries, Lanvin, Phillip Lim, Isabel Marant Rachel Comey. I have a well worn collection of Schiesser tshirts, love mixing in a Steven Alan button down,and Jcrew for an easy off color cardigan or sweatshirt.
I’ve been wearing wren jackets and tanks, clare vivier bags and Annie Costello Brown jewelry as well. Smart design that’s on point and adds some understated flavor.


Who are your style icons?
Courageous people who live their dream. there’s nothing more attractive than that. 

Do you ever get distracted when you are shopping for work and end up buying bunch of stuff for yourself?
You are adorable and I love this question. Not at all, actually. I become very focused when I work, and it’s a completely different mind set between shopping for myself and for work. I’ll clock in on a pattern or shape and tag it for a client. I’m building an idea and there’s no time for distractions…


Do you have any items you've been eyeing for winter?
Vanessa Bruno motorcycle/cowboy boots. They look perfectly worn in and the kind I can muss around in.

5 things you can't live without.
Fabric, family & friends (these count as one), good food, singing and dare I say it, my computer. All things that bring me pleasure every day.

Closet Visit : Simone LeBlanc

What was your last purchase for your wardrobe?
Ha! My Wren leapord box swing jacket. It’s cropped and it’s perfect for day or night. It seems you and I both love it so much, that we made a video about it….

( I have the same Wren jacket and I love it, too. The video is on the way. -Jeana- )


Do you have any stories about amazing deals you've gotten on awesome pieces?
My gold crunchy Lanvin bag that looks like it was dug up from an antique archive somewhere – I was coveting that piece, I felt it in my bones. It was given to me as an incredible gift - by a client a month later.
My Proenza Schouler coat – the one that looks like a 1900’s riding coat. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was sold out. One piece was returned to a store, and it went on sale 80% off. Beautiful things find the people that appreciate them.

Closet Visit : Simone LeBlanc

Thanks for reading.
Please check out the outtakes.

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CC Taylor said...

I love her style. My favorite thing about this closet visit is the C.V. bag! It has been on my want list for a while is officially on my need list!

size too small said...

she has such beautiful clothing. lovely.

Luca said...

she has truly amazing style i love the closet visits, it is an amazing idea, and you always choose such inspiring people. please never run out of them:)

berlinger-staub said...

really enjoy your closet visits, great idea! the pictures look so bright and warm, very welcoming on a cold and rainy day in europe. please, could you change the tshirts name to "schiesser"... it's a tiny mistake but a whole different meaning in german:-)

Anonymous said...

So great! I definitely plan to check out her blog as well.

Thank you, Jeanna, these posts have officially become my favorite thing about Mondays!

red green vanilla said...

I am feeling so inspired by these closet visits. :D

Pretty Mommy said...

From one Ms. LeBlanc to another - I dig your style!!

Linka said...

That Jacket is so lovely! Great style!

Heather Taylor said...

I love this. Simone looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

can you do a feature on your friend ramis kim? i love her style!

Arlie said...

Goodness your photographs really are stunning! You definitely have a lovely shooting style to the closet visits. She is fantastic as well are all the others... and I adore the color of her Rick Owens. *sigh*

Destined to Design said...

I knew she looked familiar! She was on Project Runway. Beautiful closet, beautiful wardrobe, as always. ;)

robin said...

The Lanvin bag is amazing!

simone said...

You are all so sweet! Isn't this series the best way to wake up in the morning? Thanks for your comments.xSimone said...

Wonderful Closet Visit! What a great collection of clothing & accesories Simone has. Simone is a natural beauty, with a fantastic & unique sense of style!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Simone your blog is always an inspiration..How fun this this idea and the questions/answers! Thank you thank you beautiful and talented women!xoxo

luna said...

so beautiful and inspiring! i want simone's closet!!

debkap said...

Simone is so chic -- everything looks so effortless!
Who makes the black beaded necklaces she's wearing with the melon-colored top? They are smashing!

Hetterson said...


I feel like an addict. I checked your blog about fifty times after you posted the sneak peek, ha.

simone said...

Hi Deb, and thank you! The top is Wren, and the necklaces are Giles & Bro, Philip Crangi's second line. Loved your closet visit... x

jenny said...

yea, you should do your friend rami. i adore her style. i'd like to see more "real" people that aren't promoting their

jeana sohn said...

I don't know the difference between my friend Rami (who i adore) and the people I've featured for Closet Visit. They are all "real" people to me. They work hard for what they are passionate about, they are inspiring and stylish that's why I asked them to be featured,, not because they wanted to promote their businesses.

Shauna Aliza said...


Miss T said...

gorgeous. :)

Megan Taylor said...

These photographs look like the stills from a French film!

I love!!!

Miss you Jeana, love you!


Joanna Goddard said...

i love this feature! you do such a great job with it. xo

Sundari said...

Great wardrobe. I enjoy these posts. Glad I came across your blog. :)

lviscardi said...

you girls are fabulous!!!

Juliazenaide said...

I love all of your shoes. Where did you get them from? I especially love the patent open-toed heels and the mary janes!!!

jdanyelle said...

leather and pearl necklaces are beautiful... any idea who made them?