Sunday, November 28, 2010

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff

Lauren Soloff is a freelance interior designer and granola maker (the best granola I've ever tried!) who lives in Los Angeles.

First of all, I LOVE her hair. The braid makes it even more amazing and not many people can pull this off.

Lauren's closet was like magic. She kept pulling beautiful things from her not-so-big-size-wise closet, and I kept asking her "what is that one over there? How about that sweater? Can I see that,, and that?". If we had more time, we could've kept shooting all day. I also loved how some of her designer clothes and shoes were things she had bought new, kept for long time, and had become "vintage".


Describe your style
Its a bit of a contradiction, I have been told. There is some punk rock in there coupled with some 70s hippie. I suppose my signature is my hair.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
Poncho from Mexico City; my mother's amazing Louis Vuitton bag; all my Balenciaga bags; vintage Calvin Klein jeans; Lanvin dress; Burberry trench coat; Hasbeen clogs from Sweden.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Who are your favorite designers?
Currently I am loving Isabel Marant, Maria Cornejo, Celine.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
What was your last purchase for your wardrobe?
Rachel Comey braided clogs were the last purchase. Although, I just recently inherited an amazing Lainey cashmere sweater and cashmere socks from some dear friends.

What are your favorite place to shop?
Creatures of Comfort and New High (M)art

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Who are your style icons?
Patti Smith, Julie Christie, Pheobe Philo, Charlotte rampling, Frida Kahlo, Kim Gordon.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff

Can you give us smart shopping advice?
Do you really need it? Will you really wear it?

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Do you have any items you've been eyeing for winter?
Entire Celine collection; a Zero+Maria Cornejo dress; No. 6 clog boots with shearling.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Do you have any fashion guilty pleasures?
Balenciaga bags.

Do you keep your old clothes or do you keep your closet small and organized?
I keep the good stuff. I am pathetically unorganized but somehow I seem to know what I have.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Do you have any stories about amazing deals you've gotten on awesome pieces?
My Lanvin dress. I spotted it at the Barneys Warehouse sale in NYC back in summer of 2005. No price tag. Inside out. Thrown in a ball in the corner. I brought it to the sales person and asked him how much. He said "how much do you want to pay?"
I left with it for $200.

Closet Visit : Lauren Soloff
Closet VIsit : Lauren Soloff

Thank you for reading!
*Some outtakes on my Flickr*


CC Taylor said...

I love her style...amazing!

Alex said...

Jeana, that portrait of Lauren in front of the hedge is amazing.

Whimsy Being said...

love her style...i really love the shot of her in the center of her circle of of shoes :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is stunning and I absolutely want to steal every bag she owns. These keep getting better and better!

Vivier said...

She is beautiful. What a dreamy shoot.

Fashion Intel said...

That hair and smile, wow. What a beautiful woman. The clothes are just an added bonus. Can I just say I've seen some really great baskets in the "Closet Visits."

three.little.ships said...

i seriously cannot get enough of closet visits!! i only wish they were more often then once a week! ;)

love this girls style...and her hair is to die for....!

amelia said...

i am dying!! what a LOVELY, magical, gorgeous series of photos!! the braid, the hair, that red sweater!! amazing job, ladies!

Megan Taylor said...

I love it I love it I love it! That braid, oh my!

keepfeeling said...

i am floored.

xo joanna

Jennifer said...

She is so pretty. Love that Patti & Kim are among her style icons. Beautiful shots of another beautiful and interesting woman who mixes styles in an interesting way!

rebecca said...

WOW. amazing. she's beautiful. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

are you staging the rooms as well? The girls you posted all have similar rugs and sofa covers(sheepskin, aztec prints, etc). Not judging-just curious because all the girls appear to have similar tastes in interiors and fashion.

jeana sohn said...

i don't stage the rooms at all.

Anonymous said...

who makes the green ankle boots? love her style.

Kathryn said...

love Lauren! It all looks so beautiful!

Alex said...

@Anonymous you don't even know the half of it. Jeana is a robot from the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show. Her dog Pepe writes the blog.

ramis kim said...

love her style! very unique!!

debkap said...

She's so beautifully dramatic! I want to meet her and have her teach me how to braid...

Alessandra said...

I love her hair and clothes, all these girls are so stylish! A true inspiration, thank you!

Alessandra @

Heather Taylor said...

Lady Soloff is a muse.

Cupcakewalker said...

The last shot you took of her is my favorite. Her style is really hers, and I was another one pleased to see that Kim Gordon is one of her style inspirations -- I saw her in person last month and she remains amazing.

Shokoofeh said...

This post was amazing! Thanks! :)

Duermevela said...

i love her hair, and her face, wow, she is lovely. And I like very much your photos, with that fresh style. They talk by their own.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really like your blog and I read it all the time. But I feel like all the closet visits that you do are these amazing people with fabulous designer and vintage wardrobes, but not your everyday lady. I love fashion too, but I can't afford Balenciaga bags and Lanvin dresses. Even if its vintage, its usually super expensive! What about us?

Pretty Mommy said...

The braid, the clothes, the style...once again - LOVE!!

jeana sohn said...

this project is for fun! it's for inspiration! : )

i can't afford designer stuff either but i like to look what other people have. these girls also have tons of dirt cheap stuff too (more than designer stuff). lauren still wears her calvin klein jeans from the 90's. joanna's closet is mostly vintage. she finds them at thrift stores and flea markets. so does Jesse kamm!

the theme of my project is "closets of creative, inspiring, stylish and hard working people". maybe some of them are not your everyday lady but i think that's what makes it interesting and special.

Heather Taylor said...

@anonymous why can't jeana just do her blog how she wants to do it? What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

No I totally get it, it is very inspiring to see what is in different peoples closets. I wasn't trying to be a party pooper. I think I'm just jealous because I feel so frumpy lately!! Keep on it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous makes a good point. I get what both Anonymous and Jeana are saying. It is of course Jeana's blog and she can do it how she wants. But leaving the comments field open for people to post means you open up the dialogue. Seeing beautiful real stylish women can be inspiring, but it can also be depressing if you're not as stylish as them. Guess it depends on your personal outlook & mood!

Either way, it's an interesting project.


Alex said...

@Anonymous #4 & #6

Jeana is an expert vintage/thrift store shopper. I am constantly amazed by the deals she pulls off with a little work and attention to detail.

Turn it up!

Anna of {Green Gable} said...

I love her blonde, but not blonde, hair. I also really enjoy this series!
xo, Anna of green gable

Happenstance said...

Love her style and her braid! It looks beautifully baby powdered.

gretchen said...

Hi there, just discovered you and all you do...amazing! I'm inspired....great to see these women shine and dazzle. There are plenty ideas here that get me thinking about my own style and how to rework things etc But more importantly does she do that braid herself?? hah ha I just tried and talk about being all thumbs! what's the trick lauren?

Prêt à Porter P said...

Her pleated dress and big red sweater have such amazing shapes.