Saturday, January 22, 2011

Closet Visit : Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela is a shoe designer and hair stylist (I recently got a haircut from her!). She lives and works in Echo Park in Los angeles with her boyfriend and their adorable daughter Astrid. Her house was under construction so we shot mostly outside this time.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Describe your personal style.
Comfortable and chic with lots of color and little imperfections.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Who are your favorite designers?
I think Isabel Marant dresses women beautifully.
Bernhard Willhelm and Rodarte among many, many others.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
These are from Bea's Shoe line.

What's your inspiration when you design shoes?
Shoes from the past usually from indigenous cultures.

What are your favorite places to shop?
Creatures of Comfort
Ooga Booga
South Willard
Yard sales
Pasadena Flee Market
Estate sales

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Who are your style icons?
Emmanuelle Alt

Are there any key pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
It's always changing. I like color and interesting shapes. I wear a lot of pants lately for comfort. Bubble baggy pants
are great! For the past year I've been wearing high wasted skirts that I always end up having to secretly unbutton after each meal.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
What is your most recent purchase?
A beautiful yellow ERES bikini. Shhhhh, don't tell Ramsey.
I haven't broken the news just yet.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Do you have any stories about amazing deals you've gotten on awesome pieces?
The most recent was a vintage Josepha kaftan from Acapulco, Mexico. I found it at an estate sale in Malibu. There were three of them but I only had enough for one. I still dream about the other two.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Can you give us smart shopping advice?
If you want to get talked out of buying something do not call me.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
Which hair and beauty products do you recommend?
It is really great to change all the time. Specially with hair products.
I love Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner. Davines
Love and Momo and Nou Nou are very nice also.
The Product is a fantastic shea butter finishing pomade. Sea salt spray is my favorite to use when
hair is clean and in need of texture. Aquage makes my favorite. You can make your own by dissolving
1 tlbs of sea salt into 1 cup of distilled water.

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela
5 things you can't live without.
1. A morning latte
2. Astrid's new age dance moves
3. Gossiping with the ladies while loom weaving
4. A good scrubbing from Natura Health Spa
5. Definitely Ramsey, actually he should've been number one on this list

Closet VIsit : Beatrice Valenzuela

Thank you for reading.
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Cheryl said...

I love her style and I really love her shoe collection! Does Beatrice have a webstore?

Bianca said...

this is by far one of my absolute favorites. the colors. the jewelry. the whole vibe. i am totally inspired. and a fan. :)

iwishihadtaste said...

Loved the silhouette, the texture and the color of the cropped top and the full skirt -- and I really liked the composition of the picture where she's wearing the outfit near the creek .

Unique Lapin said...

awwww this was so sweet!

Good job Jeana again!!! J'adore!!!!!

Sarah Dee said...

She is so lovely! I adore her style and her shoe line is amazing! (and her ring collection) Oh heck! I just love everything about this!

<3 Sarah

Barbie said...

Love her use of color. She's got a great vibe. Adore the pink caftan. Can't wait to pick up a pair of her shoes.
The nature shots are really beautiful.

Pretty Mommy said...

Happy, happy, happy! and the shoes - one of each please!!

kathy peck said...

Really enjoyed the closet visit, as always. She has a very original style that fits her so well. Always inspiring to see. Don't think her husband will be upset about the Eres bikini once he sees her in it either!

keepfeeling said...

so happy and full of color! love the shoe shot.

nileta said...

i absolutely LOVE the sweater she is hanging!
once more, great pics!

Jennifer said...

I love how much she is smiling, her smiles & colorful & patterned clothes go so well with the sunny outdoor setting (you must have shot these on one of those 80 degree days we just had).
She pulls off cuts that I could never wear (crop tops, bikini)
and looks Amazing in them.
I really hope she offers some of her more colorful creations online soon- as well as those sandals with all the tiny studs/metal links- they would be the perfect summer sandal!
Another great CV Jeana.

Kazuko said...

your pictures are absolutely stunning! another beautiful post about a very beautiful and stylish woman... love her style (oh, and her jewellery!)

can't wait for your next closet visit!

Alex said...

Awesome Jeana! Your photos keep improving! I know that park!

debkap said...

She is so lovely! And I love her ear cuff - who makes it??

molly said...

what a great closet! i love it! i especially love that ear piece - do you know who makes it? i want to wear one for my wedding! <3

Emily said...

Will those purple shoes be for sale on her website anytime soon?
I love them!

julie said...

One word: awesome.

jeana sohn said...

deb: the ear piece is gifted. it's from provence.

emily: the shoes are going to be on her website soon.

wildflowers said...

Great style! Love the dress in the first pic and the jewerly collection :)

Wida said...


This is beautiful!

Fashion Intel said...

So fresh and beautiful!

sunkentreasure said...

looks like wonderful lady ! love her jewelry collection

Anonymous said...

what settings do you have your camera on, when shooting these closet visits? :)
I mean like ISO and all of the technial stuff? :)

katy said...

wow i want her hair!!

elizabeth antonia said...

gorgeous. so amazing to stumble upon this link and see one of the beautiful mamas from my mommy and me yoga classes (and local coffee shop!) i love all the photos! well done.

Whimsy Being said...

very beautiful! i love her hat collection and it's so cute hanging from the clothing line outside :)

Anna said...

Can she cut my hair too? Love everything here!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the first dress with the open back!! I would love to know where is this from. Great post and pictures, thank you.

jeana sohn said...

it's a vintage little girl's dress.

Anonymous said...

One word:GORGEOUS. The girl. Gorgeous. The clothes, the jewels. Gorgeous. The settings. Gorgeous!

Jeana, You say the ear cuff is gifted. Can you or she advise on where us mortals may find one? It is, oh.....gorgeous!!


homesteady said...

my favorite so far. I would be right at home in her closet!

LAURA!!! said...

OH my. Your blog is such an absolute delight. xo

shawna said...

Please tell me where those leggings are from! LOVE!