Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i shot this little girl during the break of my lookbook shoot for Roseark. (images are coming soon.)

i'm having a crazy month with work and some other stuff. sorry i've been MIA but an amazing closet visit is coming very soon. xo


Heather Taylor said...

i love her.

Claire said...

kristin from bleach black! great shots, can't wait to see more jeana!

Megan Taylor said...

What a little model!

Anonymous said...

I recently scrolled through the whole closet visit experience, and man there is some amazing stuff.
Wonderful pics as always!


marianne b. said...

MIA ? What does it mean ?
Sorry, french girl !

I truly love your blog, your classy and yest simple style, your sweetness on photos... and I regret you being so much busy cos it keeps you away from your blog.. :)
But as a nice girl I can be, i am delighted that you work so much on projects you enjoy being on...

Wish you the best, so


jeana sohn said...

@marianne b
M.I.A means "Missing In Action"!
thanks for the sweet words. xo

marianne b. said...

Thank you !
As we say it in France : "I'll got to bed tonite less ignorant than I woke up this morning !"

Have a wonderful (sunny ?) day

amy said...

I love seeing your photography skills improve and evolve. You have always had beautiful shots, but they just keep getting better and better!