Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing "Of a Kind"

(Dream collective cuff, Jesse Kamm sweat shirt, Clare Vivier pochette)

Please welcome our first sponsor "Of a Kind". I'm sure many of you already know about this great site but this is what they do.

"Each week, we select 2-3 designers whose work we love to feature on the site. We share a series of stories about that designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind.

Editions range in size from five to 50 pieces, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity that’s signed and numbered by the designer. You can display it proudly wherever you wish."


joyce said...

Love that sweater.

marianne b. said...

2 of my favorites gathered in one :))
Welcome then !

Kassi said...

gorgeous cuff!

alma | my online magazine said...

that sweater is so great!

Sasha said...

it was love at first sight with that sweater.

briannelee said...

Love each piece! I will definitely check out this site.

Heather Taylor said...

Really really love it! Love Of a Kind and I lurve Jeana Sohn!

Megan Taylor said...

You're a ONE OF A KIND!!!

lisa kennedy watrous said...

this is brilliant & i want all 3 items pictured!!!

Barb. said...

I love your blog!
Please give me your opinion about my art work?